Original Book Of Shadows Of Pages!

Title PagesActivate the Power Of ThreeWoodcut 1Activate the Power of ThreeRandom PageRandom PageRandom PageDiscourage a LoverZankouRandom Daleek Random Random Random Random Random Page Vicus Imara Random Page Random Saleel Trok Demon 1Trok Demon 2Random PageTracer DemonScavenger DemonCelerity DemonsScabbar DemonsKodzomanUnicornsGremlinsAngel Of DestinyLazarus DemonRandom PageApothecary ProphecyThe CollectorsSeparate A Witch from Her PowersBanishing A GhostThe UndeadMemory SpellShaxThe SirenNymphsKazisDemonic SorcerersZahnTips for WhitelightersTriadMercury DemonsShakti & Shiva 2Shakti & Shiva 1Monkey totemVinceres (Alternate version)BoskKurzonTall ManKarma SpellHalliwell MatriarchsHandfastingMarinersManticoreVampires 2Vampires 1The Witch DoctorGo Back in Timespider DemonStretch the ImaginationThe EldersNecromancer 2Dark KnightValkyriesSwarm DemonsAura CleanseNecromancer 1Magical Amulets 2Magical Amulets 1Eames 2Eames 1Chakra CleanseTo Call a Love to oneselfEvil Enchantress Vanishing SpellFirestarterExecutioner DemonsPhoenixSargonMind Link 1Mind Link 2TitansTitans 1The Stillman SistersDisempower A WitchThe CleanersTo Call A Lost WitchLost & Found SpellThe Water DemonThe Sea HagAngel Of DeathBanshee 1To track a BansheeMirrorsVinceres 1Vinceres 2Summon BelthazorBelthazorVanquish BelthazorVanquish an Upper Level demonTo Summon the DeadTrackersTo Banish Bad LuckThe SourceDeflectionPromote A CompromiseTo Call Upon the AncestorsRaptor DemonsThe CroneTroxaDemon Of CrueltyRandom PageAndrasthe EquinoxPerform A SeanceJericRowe FamilyVanquish the ShapeshiftersFamous BooksRandom PageRandom PageDemonic Power Broker 2The AcademyDemon Of AnarchyHappy AnniversaryRandom PageDemonic Power Broker 1To Find A Lost Love 2To Find A Lost Love 1The SeerSkeletal BeingsLove SpellsThe FuriesGuardians Of the Hollow 2Guardians of the Hollow 1The Seven Deadly Sins 2Ordo Malorum 2The Ice Cream Man 1the Ice Cream Man 2Libristhe Seven Deadly Sins 1Ordo Malorum 1Demonic WeaponHawker DemonAlchemist DemonsAlchemist Tools 2The Seekers 2The Guardians 1the Guardians 2Demonic Bounty HuntersAlchemist Tools 1The Seekers 1To Strip PowersDark PriestessesHemlock Killing SpellKill a Female WarlockMermaidsRite Of PassageNicolas Vanquish SpellBrute DemonRandom Page Charm Of Love 1Charm Of LoveThe Wendigo 1the Wendigo 2the KevmayTo Draw Love 2to Draw Love 1HarpiesTuathaTo Detroy A SuccubusSuccubus 2Succubus 1Past Life SpellMasselin 2Masselin 1The Demon Of FearSleep SpellThe collectorTempus 1Tempus 2The Hand of FatimaProphet MohammadJavnaKaliTo Vanquish A Ghost 2To Vanquish a Ghost 1To Lure an Evil SpiritSpirit EnemiesRandom PageTo Cast a Protective CircleThe OrderLitvakGhost, Poltergeists & Hauntings 1Ghosts, poltergeists & Hauntings 2Send An Evil Ghost to JudgementHecateAntonCupidAvatarsCrytoCryto SpellAuras & GrimlocksDemonsScrying 2ScryingRandom PagePlace of Magic in Child RearingLose A Love ForeverCall Blood to BloodExtract Knowledgeto Hear Secret Thoughts48 hour windowTo Exchange PowersTruth SpellCrystal CageDesiderataCharm Of MultiplicityTime LoopsRandom PageEnchantment SpellExorcism SpellCleansing spellFamiliarsMusesDragon WarlockHerbsBanish an AilmentMagical AidesRandom Page 2Random Page 1Random PageRandom PageRandom PageRandom PageRandom PageBrianna Warren 2WhitelighterDarklighterRandom pageRandom PageBrianna Warren 1Smart spellRandomThe NexusMelinda Warren 2Melinda Warren 1Demons info (formerly Descruici)Relinquish PowersLove Potion Love SpellRandomActivate the Power Of ThreePower of Three SpellWoogyman SpellAwakening Spell 2Awakening Spell 1Activate the Power of ThreeNell 2RandomRandomRandomAccelerate TimeNell 1Unbecoming the WendigoRandomRandom244backMove Head in time 2To BindErase A MemoryBunyip 1Bunyip 2Move Ahead in Time 1Necron Random Page



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